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When it comes to the services of Don’s Mobile Glass, you want to go with a reputed, dedicated company that is known for offering superior services at all levels. While most people think of windshields when an auto glass is mentioned, there are other aspects of auto glass services. we do not think of replacements as the first course of action. In fact, it remains the last option, to be considered only when the safety of the driver and passengers is threatened. If the glass of your car has suffered minor damage such as a picket or slash, our team of experts would advocate a repair instead of a replacement.

Welcome to Don’s Mobile Glass the definitive solution for the replacement of your windshield or automotive window. Remember that it is very dangerous to drive with broken glass and many times the authorities can decide and give you a fine because your vision must be free of all kinds of obstructions do not put your family at risk remember that your loved ones are waiting for you, call now for your repair.

We specialize in always delivering the wide support and quality in all our products; we have more than a couple of years in the windshield, glass and glass market for the automotive world. Our personnel highly trained in the repair of all the glasses of your vehicle, to achieve in this way our main objective; Safety of the driver and passengers of the car. Find everything you are looking for in Windshield for cars, for all brands and models. We work with first quality products, to offer the best in Security with high strength glass. Visit us

What does Don’s Mobile Glass involve?

Don’s Mobile Glass service will offer windshield repair and replacement services. You can choose to take your vehicle to your location or you will do the work with the mobile device in almost any location that is convenient for you. This means that they will repair your windshield at home, work, school or wherever your car is parked.

Don’s Mobile Glass has a fast and convenient claims process so you can schedule windshield and glass repairs at your convenience with us. We specialize in the replacement of any of the glasses of your car no matter what situation you are in, from accidents to everything, Don’s Mobile Glass is there for you!

Some other services provided by Don’s Mobile Glass services include side view mirrors and the door motor and regulator replacement. Because many auto insurance companies will cover windshield repair and replacement services, when it comes to Don’s Mobile Glass you may find that the company will provide direct billing to insurance companies that save you time and effort.



Choose Don’s Mobile Glass Company that ensures that the job is done correctly! Choose a service that you buy directly from the manufacturer, including LOF and PGW. To ensure a factory-quality installation, some installers use OEM primers and urethane activators in the windshield replacement process. For more than three decades Don’s Mobile Glass has been a leader services throughout. Using the state of the art equipment, quality materials and spare parts purchased parts, you can rest assured that the work will be done right the first time and that you will have a new windshield installed at the factory level quality.

To get a free estimate or to schedule Don’s Mobile Glass Company team today. You will receive a quick and courteous service that is reasonably priced. Direct insurance billing is also available. If you need your entire replaced windshield or a small ding on the repaired door glass, we are your choice for quality, the reliable auto glass work is done correctly the first time, we specialize in power windows, electric safes, repairs of manual doors, water leaks, polarized windows. We are sure that we will correctly install the new car glass according to your factory specifications. Although we are sure of our service we make sure that you have a feeling of security that the work is done well by providing all of our customers with a limited lifetime warranty.

We offer free mobile courtesy service to your home or office, to make repairing or replacing the car glass as convenient as possible. The safety and security of our customers are important to us and we know that your time is valuable to you. We strive to give a specific time frame for the repair appointment when scheduling. For added convenience, our auto glass technicians will also ask you on the morning of the appointment to confirm your arrival time.


Our technicians are certified and glass combined with years of experience, we offer the highest quality. This means that you can be sure your glass service will be done by someone who knows what you are doing. Although we are sure of our service we make sure that you have a feeling of security that the work is done well by providing all of our customers with a limited lifetime warranty.


No matter who your insurance provider is, we can help. All you need is the number of your insurance policy and we will do the rest. We are approved by the main insurance organizations and we can bill directly. Call us today to verify your crystal insurance coverage.

Fix all your glass issues now for your car! Call us we have service at home we will gladly assist you!

Great Sun Shades Windshield

The good weather of the summer makes you want to leave and also increase the number of times you use your car to travel or take an excursion. It is possible to protect the car from the sun and the heat it will suffer: Here are some tips, very obvious but you should not forget. Avoid parking in the sun, especially in the middle of the day. It is not always possible to do it, but you should try to park in the shade. Also, take into account the movements of the sun. If you are going to be a long time parked in a place, maybe at the time of leaving the car stay in the sun, but after a while will be in the shade. Have a look at the best car sun shade.

Whenever you leave your car parked somewhere outdoors, put a parasol on the front windshield (and if you want also in the rear). By stopping the sun’s rays, you will reduce the amount of heat created inside the vehicle. As it is often impossible to avoid heating the passenger compartment, this trick can be very useful to cool a fast car (checked, the temperature drops a couple of degrees). If you are looking for the best car sun shade, then this guide is for you!

Best car sun shade:

Following are the best car sun shades. Have a look at each of the best car sun shade:

If you’ve ever gotten into the car when the internal temperature is about 150 degrees, then you know the importance of sunscreen shades. The only problem is that those who are the best. Some are not maintained and some do not cover enough of the windshield to make a difference. Some are also huge and clumsy and do not store well. Here is a collection of some of the best sunscreen windshield shades available. They do a great job of) covering the entire windshield, b) keeping the internal temperature of your car lower, and c) maintaining it very easily and does not take up too much space.

Thermal shield of the umbrella

The heat shield is designed to fit the windshield of your car. Made for virtually all available vehicle models, the heat shield can reduce the internal temperature of your car up to 40 degrees while averaging a temperature drop of 25 degrees. Thermal shield visors store wrapping and store with a Velcro strip. While they continue to occupy space when rolled up, they are even more “attractive” in windshield shades in the form of clumsy sun accordions. The heat shield is held in place by the vehicle sun visors and made to fit around the rear view mirror. Since the color adapts to the model of your car, visors do a great job of keeping the heat shield in place. More importantly, they receive good reviews on Amazon. If you are looking for the best windshield sun shade available, this is the best solution.

Magic Shadows

The Magic Shadows Altus and Basix are created by Auto Expressions, a California company. Two great things about these tones are that they are cheap and easy to use. These two umbrellas are stored by a twisting method. Even though it takes some time to get used to, it’s pretty simple once you’ve practiced a bit. “Magic Shadows are available in standard and Jumbo sizes, so be sure to check the measurements to see which size best fits your windshield.

Winplus Windshield Parasol

The Winplus awning protects the vehicle from UV rays and reduces heat inside the vehicle. Your car will not be nice and cool, but it will be much more tolerable than not having an awning at all. A great aspect of Winplus Windshield Umbrella is that it is a one piece, so it is safe to cover most of the windshield if you must maneuver two different shades. With a little work, you can make it convenient. And to make things better, the Winplus comes with two curtains from the side window as well. This helps keep passengers cool places too. We never had to wait for your baby’s car seat to cool before you can get in and out? With Winplus you can keep the back seat cool too. The Winplus awning also uses the torsion method to put distance, but again, master this after several attempts. This one is the best car sun shade.

Zebra Striped Parasol Windshield

Okay, who does not love the zebra print? Well, maybe not everyone loves him, but a lot of people. A great way to look good and stay cool is this zebra print umbrella Unique Automotive Accessories. This windscreen sun visor works to its support of treated aluminum foam. Show your style as you drive to the city! Stay Cool with these windshields Sun Shades. With these sun shades, the windshield can help reduce the internal temperature inside your car during the warm months. This will also help reduce the interior temperature during urban driving. No more sweating as he runs his errands. If you want high quality, more expensive thermal shield, or fashionable zebra print, these are all great options.

  • DURABLE QUALITY. The best car sunshade, designed to withstand the most extreme temperatures. It is a reflective sun visor that permanently protects the front windshield from heat and sun.
  • PERFECT SIZE. It fits most vehicles. Ideal for 78 cm high glass (other sizes available). This folding parasol for car measures 150 cm high and 80 cm wide.
  • ENJOY A COOLER CAR. The interior of your car will be kept at a comfortable temperature, with the dashboard and the cool seats so you can comfortably return home. This front sun visor reduces heat in the passenger compartment, blocking the sun and the effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • SO EASY TO USE THAT IT ALMOST IS PLACED ONLY. Imagine your satisfaction when returning home in a cool car! This car sun visor is placed and removed so easily that you will not believe it. And it includes a bag so you can store it while driving.
  • UNBEATABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all car sun visors. In addition, with the purchase of the frontal parasol, we give you special mirrors for blind angles. Try our range of sunshades for any size of a car and also our other sunscreens.

When it is the right time to buy a reconditioned engine

For the people who are not aware of it, the reconditioned engines are normally the engine which was rebuilt by adding some extra parts like bearings. The second hand engine is taken apart while working parts get cleaned again with the reconditioned engine. The reconditioned engine can be better compared to the second hand engine since contrary to a second hand engine, it is a brand new with other parts and there is no mileage about the engine. There are people who may think that if they use the second hand engine, the entire car value can drop. In order to make things clear, you have to learn about the advantages of the reconditioned car engine.

No mileage with them: when you worry that you will not see the mileage with the second hand engine, you should try out the reconditioned engine. No denying that such engines have the zero mileage and you do not have to worry if the past owner had treated the engine well or not. In all these case, always consider to use the reconditioned engine.

It comes with a warranty: most of the time, the second hand engine will not have a warranty. But you have to know that the reconditioned engine comes with a warranty and this is something that people want if they want to enjoy peace of mind. You have to talk to the dealer about anything about the warranty so that you can understand it better.

If your engine failed when it was not covered by the engine warranty anymore but you are not rich to throw the entire car away, there are many questions that you may asking yourself if you want to know the problem with your engine. You have to decide if you really need a new engine or not. You may have to change the turbo engine on the existing one only or the problems that made the engine to fail can be rectifiable. For example if the problem is the cooling system, you will have to sort out the problems before you can fit the new engine because the new engine may also suffer this same fate.

If there is nothing left to you than buying the new engine, you have to research where it came from. As it happens with the second hand cars, used engine market is also full of the scrupulous people. You should ask the garage which will fit the engine about the recommendation. Some companies may sell the engine before they even get it. You are going to be at the waiting list before they get the engine you want. They can go around in the scrap yard where they will be looking to get and to buy the engine at the cheapest price.

You should ensure also that what you want to buy is what you are buying. There are companies that will sell a complete engine with all the injection system control and ancillaries. Some can sell the engine alone.

When it comes to reconditioned engines, also take time to remember the difference with the remanufactured engine. There are many people who are not able to understand a difference between the remanufactured and rebuilt engine but they can have a choice in the mechanism that they are recommending to move forward.

The remanufactured engine had stopped to be used because it broke down and it had been sent back to the original manufacturer. It has to be repaired by following some specifications. You know that there is a level of the craftsmanship which is involved and this involves the testing to a certain level. Besides, the remanufactured engine can come with some guarantee and warranties and they are handy in case it experiences problems after buying it. The best part about the remanufactured engine is that it can still offer high level of quality but at a low price.