Living with disability is like not living life to the fullest, they say.

Some people often took advantage of everything they have in life – luxurious house, work, and cars, while others are looking up on them and doing everything they can to afford and experience life the same way others can. It shows how a little something can affect a person’s life in other’s perspective and how the importance of a situation even if it becomes somebody else’s present. It shows how important a small need is. The need to do something because you want it, not because you’re just asked to do it.

Disabilities or the inability to do things shouldn’t be treated as abnormality or something to make fun of. Not because one has no legs or just one arm, he can no longer be treated as normal and has no right to do things the way he wants to. It doesn’t work that way. Even those people who lack something – may it be any part of the body, everyone has the right to do things normally, and to feel they are not isolated nor being taken advantage of.

Technology nowadays has the solution allowing people with disability to experience a drive of a lifetime – a drive that would make them feel just the same as any other person. Brook Miller Mobility Ltd provides vehicle adaptations that can help those with disabilities to own a vehicle and diminish the idea of them, not being able to drive, or at least experience how to. It makes travelling more accessible and possible for them. It allows them to get on the road without thinking about the what ifs because of their situation and the things that others might throw at them for doing something they want to do.

There are now proven vehicle adaptation for this kind of situations – ways that values everyone’s right to travel. It uses mobility cars that enables disabled to travel without minding the burden of their incapacity. These are some of technology’s addition to vehicle adaptations – the adaptations that do not only give solutions, but confidence to the people who are being harassed or embarrassed because of their disability. This is a form of hope, courage and optimism for them. Something that nobody, and nothing can ever take away. A little reminder that no disability can ruin all the possibilities in life. It’s technology’s way of saying how wonderful life can be, and how a little something can turn the impossible, possible.

The Use of Travel Plates

A travel plate was made for an easy transfer of passengers from a wheelchair and a separate seat – a functional innovative functional transfer plate that helps in settling properly into seats. It provides a temporary platform that allows users to hinge and slide into position. Its sleek design is simple to install and use. A travel plate helps in providing a relaxing and modern technological way for an easy transfer.

A Person Hoist

A Person Hoist serves as a smart transfer person lift that directly transfer the user into a standard car seat without changing the vehicle. It is a removeable platform that can be detached when not in use. It ranges in different weight, sizes and detachable slings. It serves to be a big help to those disabled that have a rough time standing or moving to another place. This Person Hoist gives a way in dealing with a multi-purpose smart transfer person lift. One advantage of it is that, the fact that it is removeable and detachable, there is a huge chance of using this on some other areas, not just within the vehicle.

Turny/Turny Orbit

The Turny Orbit type of the vehicle adaptations has an in-and-out and up-and-down movement that is operated electrically by a handset while the swivel mechanism is operated manually by an assistant. It is an electrically-operated seat. It can slide the vehicle down towards the ground so that the user can effectively and safely get out of the car without doing too much action. It gives the user the feeling of ease every after a ride, or whenever he wants to take a rest from the travel experience.

Swivel Seats

Often seen in offices, formal meetings, and even in house offices, a swivel chair is very popular. However, using technologically, an addition to a swivel chair has been created and is part of a vehicle adaptation. As per the definition of swivel chair, it can be turned from a perspective to another and it can also be adjusted on how high or low the chair would be ergonomically fit for the user. Similarly, a swivel seat, used as a vehicle adaptation for the disabled, has most of a swivel chair’s characteristics. The swivel seat allows a user to push the buttons installed in it for their own preferences. It is designed for those who have difficulties to enter a vehicle or to make a transfer. Swivel seats allows 360 degrees turn up for users to easily get in and out of a vehicle seat.

Just like any vehicle equipment, these vehicle adaptations are just human technologically made solutions for disabled. Solutions that aren’t permanent but just to give a glimpse and show them that no disability can refrain them doing the things they love.

There is no permanent thing in the world, but people who has the ability can make a temporary change to lighten up and loosen up a bit. Brook Miller offers this kind of possibilities, making the things some may think as impossible, possible. These vehicle adaptations are not made as toys for kids nor for pleasure. It isn’t something made for fun and roll over as if it was something like a toy car. These are exclusively made for disabled people who loves driving and travelling. This is a way to show and prove them that it isn’t impossible to life to fullest, whatever situation one must have fallen into.

Life is given to every single person living in the planet – with or without disability. It is just the way how you look life and the situation you’re in. It has something to do with self-confidence and worth. No negativity can ruin one’s life towards the positivity of making impossible things possible.